Tye River

The Tye River includes both a put & take section and classic mountain brook trout water. The stocked water extends from about half a mile below the intersection of Campbell Mountain Rd/ 814 and 56 to about a mile and a half upstream. To access the brook trout water, go upstream to the Crabtree Falls parking lot (you'll have to pay $3). This section of the river is approximately the size of the upper Rapidan. There are tributary streams that also might be fishable. About a mile upstream and a half-mile downstream from the parking lot, people have posted private property.

I've only visited the upper section once, so email me with pics and details if you know more than I do. I don't really like the stocked section, because Doug Stegura catches more fish than I do.

Directions from the Valley:

1. Take 664/ Mt Torrey Rd. past Sherando Lake. There's put & take water along Back Creek and in Sherando Lake, Upper and Lower.

2. After 664 turns into 814/ Love R. continue all the way up to the Parkway.

3. Turn left onto the parkway, and take the next right onto 814/ Campbell Mountain Rd.

4. Follow Campbell Mountain Rd. (it's just gravel) as it winds down the mountain. The views are worth the trip.

5. Turn Rt onto 56/ Crabtree Fall Hwy. There are turnoffs for the stocked area. Continue another 3-4 miles to Crabtree Falls.

Update from Dino Capuzzo 5/10/11:

I visited the Tye River (Crabtree Falls section) today. The weather was perfect, and I caught a nice native brookie two pools up from the wooden bridge. I fished all the way up until you hit the posted property. I didn't get any more takers in that entire section. There was a prolific hatch of something (I don't know my insects very well) but the trout weren't hitting anything on top. I fished a dry/dropper just about all day with not much success. The one I did catch in that first pool was on size 16 para adams.

I decided to check out Meadow Creek, which you had mentioned seeing but not having any info on. Meadow Creek flows down off the mountain and right by the Crabtree Falls parking lot and into the Tye proper. There was a pretty good flow, so I started hoofing it up a trail/road adjacent to the creek. I noticed a power line drop running up the road so I'm not sure I may have been on private property. As it turns out, there is a small but really nice log cabin at the end of the road (which by the way is for sale.) Just past the cabin there is a small (approx. 20 ft.) waterfall with a nice plunge pool. I fished that pool for about an hour and caught ten out of it. There was a nice 10 inch or so brookie in there that I did battle with but could never hook. I caught all of them on a dry/dropper BH nymph. I think Meadow Creek warrants further exploration but I didn't have time to skirt the falls and trudge up the mountain. There are definitely brookies in there. All in all a pretty good day, especially Meadow Creek. Hope this helps.

Tye River, just upstream of the Crabtree Falls Parking Area.

A stretch of the larger put and take water, March 2011.