South River

The South River flows through Waynesboro, Virginia and is the home water of SVTU. This is a year-round catch & release fishery since 2018. If you are looking for a put-and-take section, head to Ridgeview Park. The Virginia Department of Wildlife Resources has this nice page on the South, which covers the river's three fisheries.

Don't let the fact that this is an urban fishery put you off. The South River gets tremendous hatches all year. Of special note is the sulphur hatch that begins in the evening from April to June. There is also a terrific trico hatch from May through July. Midges and BWOs keep the fish rising all winter.

The most popular section is right in downtown Waynesboro in Constitution Park. There are a series of easily identified structures that SVTU put in with VDGIF. Fish the pools and riffles below these structures, especially the fast water and the transitions between faster and slower water. Another popular section is just a bit upstream. Behind the YMCA there's a nice new parking lot and a blacktop path that goes all the way to Constitution Park.

See the South River Hatch Chart (developed by Tom Benzing) at the bottom of the page.

NWS Advanced Hydrologic Prediction Service for South River near Lyndhurst Rd.

SVTU member Urbie Nash supervising the installation of stream improvement structures to the

South River in 2008. This is one of many SVTU coldwater conservation projects.

For a some history about mercury in the South River, the Delayed Harvest section, and the VA Fly Fishing Festival, see this article in March 2007 Chesapeake Angle Magazine.


-Take I-64 East to Exit 96(Waynesboro/Lyndhurst).

- Take a left off the exit ramp and head towards Waynesboro.

- Take a left at the first traffic signal onto Main Street(Rt. 250).

- Parking is available on either side of Main Street at Constitution Park once you cross the bridge over South River.

A South River brown trout caught at the 2010 Virginia Fly Fishing Festival.