Trout Blitz

"Trout Blitz is a citizen-science project aimed at cataloging the rich diversity of North America’s native salmonids, including trout, steelhead, char, whitefish, grayling and salmon. Through photography and angling, TU’s membership can build a single, easily accessible, geo-referenced photo library of native salmonids across their geographic range. In addition to documenting native trout biodiversity, TU members can contribute to scientific understanding of the introduction and non-native species by providing geo-referenced photos of these fishes when afield. In order to make TroutBlitz successful, we need your help. With just a fly rod, camera and a GPS unit, you can make a valuable contribution to science." (See TU's Trout Blitz site)

The Shenandoah Valley Chapter of Trout Unlimited is specifically using Trout Blitz to document the presence of trout in streams that the proposed Atlantic Coast Pipeline will cross.

Anyone can participate by using a GPS to go to the sites in the Google Map below, catching a trout, photographing it and uploading the picture to the Trout Blitz site in iNaturalist.

If you participate, please let us know with a brief email to