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March Chapter Meeting

posted Mar 13, 2011, 5:30 PM by James Josefson
Our March chapter meeting is this Wednesday, March 16th at Jim Heafner's House (607 Oak Ave., Waynesboro) .  

We will be following up on the TIC fundraiser and fly
tying nights.  We need to organize volunteers for the VFFF and
Riverfest.  Also we need to decide if we are going to  join Dupont in
a river cleanup on the Saturday before the Fly fishing
festival.  Please come and join us for the meeting.  I have been
asked to direct parking for some of our vehicles to the small parking
lot on the  500 block of Oak Ave.  This is across from the parking
for Summit Square near the end of the block just before the stop
sign.  I believe it is marked for the Montessori.  (Eggleston family
owns this)  I will follow up before the meeting with better
directions.  Please try to keep parking on one side or the other of
the street in front of Jim's so that larger vehicles (ie first aid or
fire) can pass through.  We will hold a small raffle at the end of the meeting.