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DuPont Settlement: Preferred Restoration Alternative?

posted Dec 15, 2016, 6:56 PM by Jim Josefson
The DuPont Waynesboro - South River/South Fork Shenandoah River/Shenandoah River
Restoration Plan/Environmental Assessment  considers SVTU's preferred inclusion of trout stocking and managment as part of the settlement to be the "non-preferred restoration alterrnative/"

From the report:

4.4 Alternative C: Non-preferred Restoration Alternative Alternative C includes all components of Alternative B (see Section 4.3 for descriptions), as well as enhanced trout management or increased trout stocking in the SR. In this Alternative, funding for projects to improve water quality and fish habitat (e.g., agricultural and urban BMPs in the SR/SFSR watershed) would be reduced to allow funding for the trout management project. 4.4.1 Recreational Fishing Improvement Projects – trout stocking or management This project will focus on improving trout fishing opportunities in the SR that allow safe consumption, where allowed by regulation, of harvested fish. The SR has well-established seasonal trout fisheries in and around Waynesboro and Grottoes. A special-regulation, yearround trophy section exists on the SR upstream of Waynesboro. This project would aim to expand stocking in the SR, through purchase of more and/or larger fish, or through development and construction of a grow-out and holding facility. This project would provide narrow benefits to trout anglers, or possibly anglers with no preferred target fish, in certain sections of the SR.